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If you want to enjoy a Latin American city as a local, you need local music to start travelling. Why not start by listening to the beats of its music? Music is the artistic activity that contributes the most to show cultural diversity. It is one of the fundamental forms of human expression. Music brings people together and forces them to put aside their differences.

With countless genres and styles coming from so many different countries in the Latin America region, choosing where and how to start can be difficult. That´s why we have compiled the Withalocal playlists to make this task easier for you.


local music to start travelling


Made in Argentina: Rock Nacional


“National rock” (rock nacional in Spanish) stands out among the Argentine rock movements. The name became general since the 1980s to refer to a diverse current that emerged in the second half of the 1960s. Most of its early protagonists were part of the hippy movement and used to perform at La Cueva. La Cueva was a club in Buenos Aires: the local version of the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Buenos Aires


La Cueva in Buenos Aires
La Cueva in Buenos Aires in 1967


During the last military dictatorship (1976-1983) the Argentine society suffered the greatest censorship in its history. National rock was not an exception. It was perceived as subversive by the military at that time. Lots of bands, singers, composers and musicians left the country towards  Latin America, United States and Europe, especially Spain. And those who could not escape remained in hiding.

National rock recognizes great founding bands such as Los Gatos and Almendra  Composers such as Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly Garcia  were the among the main figures of the movement. But the ultimate Latin American success  wasdriven by bands like Soda Stereo  . Undoubtedly Gustavo Cerati ,leader of the band, was the greatest representative of Argentinean national rock of all times.

Some local music to start travelling