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Visit Buenos Aires in 2022


Visit Buenos Aires and make it your next vacation destination in 2022. Here are the 10 reasons why.  Apart from it is like a thousand cities in one and it is surely one of the most appealing cities in Latin America.

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  • Renowned architecture.

Buenos Aires is a city of many contrasts. The different architectural styles that make up its landscape create a dynamic and eclectic city. Certainly the most prominent movements of several periods come together in town. A thousand constructive varieties can be found such as: French style buildings in the Microcentro , multi-colored houses in La Boca , and skyscrapers in Puerto Madero. There are great avenues with a European air. And you will be surprised by corners that seem frozen in time. Everything is different, perhaps without much logic but strangely harmonious.

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French style buildings in Buenos Aires


  • Argentinean asado

Asado (Argentinean barbeque) is the most popular and representative dish of the country gastronomy. Argentinean meat  has gained a well deserved worlwide fame. Enjoying an asado is a unique experience and is an intrinsic ritual of the national culture.  You will find parrillas (steakhouses) in every corner of Buenos Aires. They offer countless cuts of beef, from bife de chorizo (sirloin) to vacio (flank steak) to ojo de bife (rib eye).

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Asado is the Argentinean most popular dish


  • World class cuisine and wines

Buenos Aires’ cuisine is based on the essence of the immigrants who populated the city in the 19th century. They enriched the Creole menu with recipes from Spain, Italy, Germany and the incredible Andean cuisine from neighboring countries. Nowadays it is a mecca for culinary creativity. The city has a wide selection of high-end hotspots serving both sophisticated and simple dishes combined with best national and international wines. Street food such as pizzas, choripan and empanadas  are worldwide recognized. Visit Buenos Aires is esential for modern foodies.

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World Malbec Day celebrating April 17th

White rose and red wines ready for tasting

  • The sweets

Ice creams, alfajores (sandwich cookies), churros , medialunas (croissants) and especially the famous dulce de leche are examples of the local sweet flavors. Either for breakfast, dessert or afternoon snack there is always room for the sweets in the stomach. The temptation is everywhere around the city anytime.

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  • Capital City for culture

There are more than 380 bookstores, 160 museums and 285 theaters in town. For instance: famous Teatro Colon is one of the four most outstanding lyric theaters in the world. Moreover, it is highly recommended to visit the bars and cafes of the nineteenth century called notable bars. Great writers and musicians were among their regular customers, and today are National Cultural Heritage.


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Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore in Buenos Aires is considered one of the best ones in the world


  • The tango

Tango is an integral part of the culture of Río de La Plata and here in Buenos Aires it is danced all around the city. Locals meet at the milongas (tango dance clubs) every night to dance tango with live orchestras.

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Couple dancing tango in San Telmo Buenos Aires



  • Futbol (football soccer)

Buenos Aires has the largest concentration of soccer teams of all the cities of the world. Therefore futbol feelings are beyond the stadiums. You can hear it in the street, neighborhood bars, and you can see it in a goal hug between teammates of an amateur league team. Moreover, it is much more than a sport: it is a national passion.

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Futbol passion in the stadium


  • Vibrant nightlife

Buenos Aires’ nightlife is truly legendary. This is the real ” city that never sleeps”. Both young people and adults can find proposals throughout the week to enjoy until the sun rises again: bars, pubs, discos, breweries as few examples. Only here in Buenos Aires you will be able to have dinner in a restaurant after midnight and start the party at three in the morning.

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Buenos Aires vibrant nighlife


  • Pope Francis

Catholic Pope is the most famous citizen alive from Buenos Aires. His secular name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio . He was born and raised in Flores, a district of the city, and served as Archbishop of the province until March 13, 2013, when he was named Pope. As a result, locals know lots of tales about his childhood, youth and adult life before being worldwide known as Pope. Although most of its population is Catholic, the city has temples of all religions and beliefs: Synagogues, Christian temples, Mosques and Buddhist and Hindu centers.


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Pope Francis in Vaticano city


  • Its people

The essence of Buenos Aires is in its people: diverse, extreme, welcoming, excellent hosts, friendly and familiar. They love to receive people from all over the world and make them feel at home. And you may wonder why they give so many hugs and kisses and say “I love you” often. Because their most genuine quality is the demonstration of affection and making new friends.

Buenos Aires people give lots of hugs and kisses